Will this weaken my back muscles?

  • No it will not! Our belt is not made out of super stiff material that will keep your posture locked in place like a cement vest, nor is that even healthy. Our belt is an aid that helps your muscles maintain the correct posture, acting as a constant reminder to you and your muscles to keep your posture straight. your muscles will develop and strengthen over time to maintain a healthy back and posture.

What size is right for me?

  • The size of the belt fits waist from 29 inches (75cm) to 55 inches (140cm)
  • With specially designed stretchable materials and straps, our decompression belt can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of body types, men or women.

Can women wear this too?

  • Yes. It's specifically designed to fit around male and female physiques.

How long can I wear it?


  • Your body will not be healed of all pain right away, so its better to use the belt for a little while. It is recommended to follow instructions to adjust the belt to a comfortable position. Once the desired pressured is identified, it is recommended to use that belt daily for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Stop wearing it as soon as it becomes uncomfortable; take a break and wear it again. We recommend not wearing it to sleep. Most of our customers achieve great success wearing it 2-4 hours at a time.

Can I wear it under my shirt?

How do I check the status of my order?

  • Upon order completion, you will receive an email confirming your order. You will also receive a shipment confirmation and tracking number via email once your package has been prepared for shipment. If you have questions about your order status or did not receive the email, please contact us here.

What if I entered the wrong shipping address?

  • If you entered the wrong information for your order, please contact us as soon as possible. We'll do our best to change it for you, but we can't guarantee anything in this case as our orders are processed and shipped very quickly after purchase.

Is your website secure with my personal information?

  • Absolutely! We use SSL security to ensure all your personal information is encrypted. We do not store your credit card information and it will be used one-time only upon purchasing of your product. Then your credit card information will be purged.

How do I order on your website?

  • Simply find the product you'd want and click the 'Add To Cart' button. Fill in your shipping and billing information and we'll have your order shipped to you as soon as possible!

Do you offer a refund if I don't like the product?

  • Visit our refund policy page for complete details. If you have any additional questions that have not been addressed in our FAQ, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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